Community Grant

The Village of Plain City prioritizes civic engagement and resident initiative. Village Council has designated a portion of its budget ($20,000) to support local events that will bring visitors to Plain City and promote local businesses, attract positive coverage of the community, and encourage stays at the Pastime Park Campground.

The total grant amount is subject to appropriation and may vary by year. Council approval is needed for grant award. Once the full budgeted amount has been awarded, grant applications will close for the year.

The Village welcomes grant requests from tax-exempt, not-for-profit organizations (i.e. 501(c) (3)). Grants are made in the areas of:
  • Beautification of public property
  • Projects/events that appeal to Plain City visitors/tourists
  • Special events
  • Cultural arts
  • Other projects that will enhance Plain City
The Village is interested in funding organizations that demonstrate they have planned their projects with respect to the community’s goals and values. Priority is given to projects that:
  • Encourage support of Plain City businesses, restaurants, and attractions
  • Attract positive coverage in local and regional media
  • Reach a broad segment of the community
  • Seek multiple sources of support rather than rely on the Village as a single funding source
  • Yield benefits to the community for the resources invested
  • Promote cooperation among event organizers to reduce costs
  • Enhance or improve the community
  • Have a proven track record of being a successful, safe events
The following are not eligible for funding:
  • Individuals
  • Organizations that support political candidates or political philosophies
  • Organizations whose primary purpose is to influence, promote or attempt to initiate legislation
  • For-profit ventures
  • Budget deficits incurred prior to application
  • Endowments
Amounts Awarded
Awards may be requested in the form of grant funding, or for Village costs incurred during your event to be forgiven. A combination of funds may also be possible. Notification of award will be sent 30 days after your application is received. The amount awarded is at Village Council discretion. If grants are awarded, but the event does not take place, funds must be returned to the Village. Funds may also be held and granted 10 days before the event.