East Bigelow Avenue Parking Lot Construction

The East Bigelow Parking Lot Project is scheduled to commence Wednesday, September 20. The new parking lot, which will be located in the area surrounding the water tower on East Bigelow Avenue, will feature parking for 50 vehicles, decorative lighting fixtures, landscaping, and pedestrian connectivity to the surrounding neighborhood.

Construction will begin with the excavation and preparation of the site for the new parking lot. Following excavation, the installation of storm sewer basins and electricity will occur, followed by paving and striping. Landscaping is anticipated to be installed next spring.

Once the parking lot is completed, it will be open and available to all residents visiting our growing Uptown District. This project is just the latest in our efforts to improve the infrastructure throughout our community. Updates will be shared as the project evolves. In the meantime, please contact the Village at 614-873-3527 with any questions or concerns.

Bigelow Lot - Copy