Plain City Sharks Swim Team

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Team History

The Plain City Sharks is a recreational youth swim team located in the Village of Plain City. Established in March 2017, the team held its inaugural meeting at the park's Youth Building with the expectation of attracting 10-15 swimmers. Surpassing all expectations, the meeting drew 34 participants, leading to a total of 74 swimmers in the team's first season.

In 2018, the team experienced further growth, with 98 registered swimmers and the privilege of hosting two swim meets at their home facility. The team's popularity has continued to soar, as evidenced by the participation of over 135 swimmers in 2022. To accommodate the increasing numbers, the team had to impose caps on certain age groups. The remarkable success of the swim team can be attributed to the tremendous support of dedicated parent volunteers, who play an integral role in making the program a resounding success. Truly, the collective effort of the community has been instrumental in nurturing this outstanding youth recreation program.

Team Philosophy
The program's primary focus is to nurture young swimmers while instilling a sense of healthy competition. The team places great emphasis on personal development, encouraging each swimmer to strive for their personal best. Sportsmanship is a core value, with an understanding that the primary opponent is oneself. Continuous improvement and growth are key principles upheld by the team. Notably, the Plain City Sharks are proud members of the N.E.W League, which comprises teams mainly from the Central and North/Northwest areas of Columbus.

Team Requirements
To ensure a safe and effective experience, the team has established certain requirements for participation. Swimmers must possess basic swim skills due to the program's duration of six weeks. For children aged 8 and under, the ability to swim 25 meters independently, without stopping or holding onto lane lines, is required. Swimmers aged 9 and up must be capable of swimming 50 meters independently, without stopping or relying on lane lines. Additionally, due to limitations in pool capacity and practice time availability, there is a maximum limit on the number of swimmers that can be accommodated.

Practices are held in the mornings, while swim meets take place on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. Parents bear the responsibility of arranging transportation for their children to attend both practices and meets, ensuring their active participation in the team's activities.

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