Halloween & Trick-or-Treat

Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween night as Mayor Jody Carney has officially declared that Trick-or-Treat will take place on October 31 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM!

As the ghosts and goblins come out to play, we encourage residents to keep a watchful eye on the streets during this time. Let's make sure Halloween is safe and fun for everyone! Whether you're joining the trick-or-treaters or welcoming them to your doorstep, your vigilance will ensure a safe and fun evening.

So, decorate your homes, stock up on candy, and join in the Halloween spirit! Let's make this year's Halloween the best one yet!

Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips for a Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween is a fun tradition in Plain City, and as we prepare for a night of spooky fun, it's essential to prioritize safety for all our little ghouls and goblins. Here are some important safety tips to ensure a hauntingly safe Trick-or-Treat experience:

Plan Ahead
   - Set a designated route and a curfew for your trick-or-treaters.
   - Ensure that children are familiar with the neighborhood and know where to go for help if needed.

Costume Safety
   - Choose costumes that are flame-resistant and easy to walk in.
   - Opt for brightly colored costumes or attach reflective tape to make children more visible in the dark.
   - Avoid masks that obstruct vision; use non-toxic makeup instead.

Supervision is Key
   - Young children should always be accompanied by a responsible adult.
   - Older children should go in groups and agree on a meetup point in case they get separated.

Stay on Well-Lit Paths
   - Stick to well-lit streets and sidewalks.
   - Avoid shortcuts through alleys, dark yards, or isolated areas.

Road Safety
   - Teach kids to look both ways before crossing streets.
   - Encourage the use of crosswalks and pedestrian signals.
   - Remind drivers to be extra cautious on Halloween night.

Candy Inspection
   - Inspect all treats before consuming them.
   - Discard any unwrapped or suspicious-looking items.
   - Be mindful of food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Home Safety for Giving Out Treats
   - Keep your porch and walkways well-lit and free from obstacles.
   - Avoid using open flames like candles in Jack-o'-lanterns; use LED candles or lights instead.
   - Friendly decorations are great, but ensure they don't create tripping hazards.

Pet Safety
   - Keep pets indoors or in a secure area to prevent them from getting spooked or stressed by the festivities.

Respect Personal Boundaries
   - Remind kids not to enter homes or cars, even if invited.
   - Teach them to be polite and respectful to all residents.

Emergency Contact Information
    - Make sure children have a form of identification, such as a wristband or a note with your contact information.
    - Program emergency numbers into their phones or have them carry a contact card.

By following these safety tips, we can ensure that Halloween remains a fun and memorable experience for everyone in our community!

 What Do Teal Pumpkins Mean?

teal pumpkin 2 - Copy A teal pumpkin or pale is a symbol of inclusion and safety during Halloween trick-or-treating. When you spot a teal pumpkin or pale on a doorstep, it signifies that the homeowner is offering non-food treats or allergen-free alternatives alongside traditional candy. This is particularly important for children with food allergies, sensitivities, or dietary restrictions, allowing them to participate fully in the Halloween festivities without the fear of encountering items that could be harmful to their health.

The Teal Pumpkin Project promotes a more inclusive and welcoming Halloween experience for all, reinforcing the idea that Halloween should be a celebration that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their individual needs or limitations.