TIRC & Housing Council

Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC)

Purpose: The Tax Incentive Review Council is created by the Ohio Revised Code, which states that the TIRC shall annually review all agreements granting exemptions from property taxation under various chapters of the ORC and any performance audit reports required to be pursuant to those agreements. The TIRC shall determine if the owner of the exempted property has complied with the agreement. The TIRC shall also review all exemptions relating to the declaration of public purpose improvements.

Governing Law: Ohio Revised Code Section 5709.85(A)(2).

Meeting Schedule: Annually

  • Three members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners
  • Two members appointed by the Mayor
  • The County Auditor or designee
  • One representative from the Jonathan Alder LSD
  • One representative from the Tolles CTD
  • Two members from each affected township

Housing Council

Purpose: The role of the Plain City Housing Council is very similar to that of the Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC). Its primary purpose is overseeing the Village's Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Program and ensuring compliance with the terms stipulated in each CRA agreement. Furthermore, the Housing Council is responsible for inspecting the properties for which a tax exemption has been granted.

Governing Law: Ohio Revised Code Section 3735.69

Meeting Schedule: Annually, or as-needed to hear appeals

  • Two members appointed by the Mayor
  • Two members appointed by City Council
  • One member appointed by the Planning Commission
  • Two members appointed by the other five members

Interested in serving on the TIRC or Housing Council? 

If you are interested in serving on the TIRC or Housing Council, please submit a Committee Interest Form, which can be accessed here.

Meeting Notices, Agendas & Minutes
Meeting notices for the TIRC and Housing Council will be posted to the Village's calendar. Agendas and minutes will be posted here. All TIRC and Housing Council meetings are open to the public.

Please direct inquiries to Jason Stanford, Development Manager, via email or by calling 614-873-3527.