Plain City Area Development Corporation

In January 2024, Plain City Village Council authorized the creation of the Plain City Area Development Corporation (PCADC) to serve as the Village's community improvement corporation (CIC). The PCADA has the authority to apply for and administer grants, purchase and sell real property, and create special business programs that aid in the economic development of the community. The PCADC is subject to Ohio Sunshine laws and public records requirements. 

PCADC Board of Directors
  • Mr. Jim Eudaily, Council Member
  • Mrs. Kerri Ferguson, Council Member
  • Mrs. Haley Lupton, Administrator
  • Mrs. Renee Sonnett, Finance Director
  • Mr. Jason Stanford, Development Manager
  • Mr. Shane Hoffman, Plain City Public Library
  • (1) Vacant Community Representative Position
Interested in serving on the PCADC Board of Directors?
If you are interested in serving on the PCADC Board of Directors, please submit a Committee Interest Form, which can be accessed here.

Board of Director Meetings
Regular meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 8:30 AM at the Municipal Building. Meeting notices will be posted to the Village's calendar. Meetings of the PCADC are open to the public. 

Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Meeting agendas and minutes can be accessed here.

Code of Regulations
Click here to download a copy of the PCADC Code of Regulations.

What is a CIC?
A community improvement corporation is a not for profit corporation authorized by the State of Ohio Legislature for the purpose of advancing, encouraging, and promoting the industrial, economic, commercial, and civic development of a community or area. The State of Ohio Legislature enacted the ability to form a CIC over forty years ago, and there are over 300 CICs active statewide.

What can a CIC do?
The Plain City Area Development Corporation, which operates as a CIC, has many potential powers established by the Ohio Revised Code, including:

  • The ability to borrow money for any purpose of the corporation; 
  • Acquire, Convey, Dispose of, Hold, Lease, Purchase, Receive, Sell, Sublease, and/or Transfer real and personal property.
  • Acquire associations, Business, Corporations, Firms, Good will, Joint stock companies, Other assets of any persons, Partnerships, Real and personal property, Rights, and Trusts
  • To acquire improved or unimproved real estate for the purpose of constructing industrial plants or other business establishments thereon or for the purpose of disposing of such real estate to others in whole or in part for the construction of industrial plants or other business establishments.
  • To do all acts and things necessary or convenient to carry out the powers especially created in Chapter 1724 of the Revised Code.
  • To serve as an agent for grant applications and for the administration of grants.

Please direct inquiries to Jason Stanford, Development Manager, via email or by calling 614-873-3527.