Incentive Policy

In an effort to promote business growth and development, create new jobs and payroll, retain existing companies and jobs, and encourage private investment, the Village of Plain City is developing the Plain City Economic Development Incentive Policy (EDIP).  Once approved, the EDIP will allow the Village to negotiate with businesses that desire to expand or locate within the Village.

The purpose of the EDIP is to streamline the Village’s economic development incentive process so that the Village can respond to businesses in a timely fashion. Accordingly, the EDIP provides thresholds in order to promote a more efficient and consistent approach to the economic development incentive process while minimalizing the potential impacts of incentives on taxing authorities. The EDIP is a guideline for negotiation purposes and aims to supplement the requirements set forth by the State of Ohio.  

The EDIP is anticipated to be approved in early 2024.