Yard Waste

The Village provides various yard waste services throughout the year. Residents may submit a work order via the Citizen Request Portal for collection of yard waste. Please familiarize yourself with the processes below:

Brush Collection:
  • The 2023 brush collection season will end September 29, 2023. After September 29th, residents are required to have brush collected by Local Waste or taken to Kurtz Brothers. The 2024 brush collection season is expected to begin April 2024.
  • No set days for collection.
  • Leave brush in front of home on tree lawn (the small grassy area in between the street and sidewalk).
  • Brush does not need to be bundled.
  • Individual limbs cannot be larger than 6 inches in diameter.
  • Residents may submit a work order for pick-up via the Citizen Request Portal.
Leaf Collection:
  • Service is typically available late-September through mid-December.
  • No set days for collection.
  • Leaves must be raked to the curb. There is no need to bag leaves.
  • Please follow these guidelines to ensure safe and efficient service:
    • Please pile leaves in front of the house near the street. The Village will  not collect leaves from an alley. 
    • Rake leaves to the curb to ensure pick-up each week.
    • Do not place leaves in the roadway or pile leaves around parked cars or fire hydrants.
    • Keep children away from leaf piles that are ready for collection.
    • Leaf piles that are mixed with grass trimmings, limbs, brush, or other non-leaf content will not be collected.
Christmas Tree Removal
Christmas trees will be collected seasonally as part of the Village's yard waste program. Christmas trees need to be free of any wrapping paper or decorations in order to be collected.

Holiday Lights Recycling
From early November through early January, residents can take old and broken holiday lights to the Municipal Building for free recycling.

Local Waste Services

Any yard waste that is not prepared in one of the acceptable containers, or is mixed with general waste, will be stickered and left at the curbside. Local Waste Services will not collect any refuse that is mixed with yard waste.

Brush Collection through Local Waste Services
  • Service is available any time of the year.
  • Put out for collection on your regular trash day.
  • Brush must be bundled and tied with twine or string.
  • Limbs cannot be longer than 4 ft and 24 inches in diameter.
Grass/Leaf Collection:
  • Service is available any time of the year.
  • Put out for collection on your regular trash day.
  • Must be placed into paper lawn waste bags.
  • Bags cannot exceed 50lbs per bag.

Kurtz Brothers

  • All yard waste must be taken to the Kurtz Brothers location at 6279 Houchard Road, Dublin, OH 43016.
  • No fee for Village residents.
  • Village residents may haul brush, tree limbs, grass clippings, natural wood products, etc.
  • No dirt, rocks/stones, stumps, or logs over 20 inches in diameter or 8 ft. in length.
  • Prior to weighing in, you must identify yourself to the scale master as a resident of the Village of Plain City.
  • Pull through the scales to be weighed, unload your own materials, and follow the Kurtz Brothers yard rules.

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