April 22 - 26, 2024
OH-161 between US 42 and OH-38 will be closed April 22 to April 26 for culvert replacement. Detours will be posted. Please plan accordingly.



uptown planUptown Master PlanThe Uptown Master Plan is a framework for future growth and development in the downtown core, tailored to Plain City’s Uptown District. The goal of the plan is to grow the local economy and unique sense of place by creating a plan that is rooted in community values and aspirations, balanced with today’s market realities and proven public and private sector solutions.

The Uptown Master Plan was adopted on March 1, 2023.

comprehensive plan2018 Comprehensive PlanIn 2018, the Village created the Bicentennial Community Plan (Comprehensive Plan). The plan helps the Village establish a vision for the future, address community challenges, and support future projects. The Comprehensive Plan was adopted on December 17, 2018.

thoroughfare Thoroughfare Plan

The 2009 Plain City Thoroughfare Plan was a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing the transportation infrastructure and connectivity within the village. The plan laid out a vision for effectively managing traffic flow, improving road networks, and accommodating future growth and development. It identified key corridors, intersections, and road improvements to enhance safety, reduce congestion, and promote efficient travel throughout Plain City.

In recognition of the evolving needs and changing dynamics of the city, efforts are currently underway to update the Thoroughfare Plan in 2024.