Conservation Planning

big darby fishThe Village of Plain City promotes Conservation Planning to safeguard the Big Darby Creek. Recognizing the critical role played by this watershed in providing clean water, diverse ecosystems, and recreational opportunities to our community and beyond, we are committed to implementing effective and "common sense" practices to protect and preserve its ecological integrity.

Conservation Planning enables us to collaborate with local stakeholders to develop strategies that mitigate threats and promote sustainable land use practices. By embracing this approach, we aim to strike a harmonious balance between development and the preservation of the watershed's unique ecosystem.

Through Conservation Planning, the Village promotes responsible practices that reduce nonpoint source pollution, enhance water quality, and protect the habitats of the numerous species that call the Big Darby Creek home. This includes the implementation of best management practices, such as riparian buffer zones, wetland preservation, and stormwater management systems, to prevent soil erosion and mitigate flood risks.

Additionally, the Village recognizes the significance of community engagement and education in ensuring the long-term vitality of the Big Darby Creek. Our Parks & Recreation Department is committed to fostering public awareness and understanding of the importance of the Big Darby through educational initiatives, outreach programs, and partnerships with schools and local environmental organizations. By empowering our residents with knowledge and encouraging their active participation, our goal is cultivate a sense of shared responsibility for the preservation of this unique natural asset.