McKitrick Park

In recognition of the distinct characteristics of the Big Darby Creek, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources classified 82 miles of the creek as a State Scenic River in 1984. The same area received National Scenic River status in 1994. The Darby Creek System constitutes some of the most important natural resources in central Ohio. Several species of birds and animals depend on this undisturbed habitat for their survival, including 86 species of fish and 41 types of freshwater mollusks. The banks of the Darby are lined with native vegetation, remnants of prairie wildflowers and several types of trees. The buckeye, sycamore, silver maple and box elder, along with oak and sugar maple form tree lines that develop into extensive forests. We are very fortunate to have a part of this nationally recognized treasure within our Village. Residents of Plain City can enjoy this beautiful area through the public access point to the Big Darby along East Main Street at McKitrick Park. McKitrick Park is a great place to spend time fishing, enjoying a picnic or just relaxing in the beauty of its natural surroundings.

Please note: No overnight camping is permitted in McKitrick Park. Please help us keep our parks beautiful by disposing of all trash properly. For further information please call the Village Offices at 614-873-3527.